Wealth Consulting


Wealth Consulting is a boutique consulting agency that helps wealthy entrepreneurs to create a holistic strategy for real estate investment, second citizenship and tax-free company setup.

How Can We Help You

Real Estate Investment

We help you with our In-house Real Estate Agency – Wealth Properties – to get access to the best Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Dubai

Tax Free Residence

We combine a tax-free company set up with residencies, non-seizable bank accounts and the right merchant accounts.

Wealth Protection

We help you to build indestructible wealth through second citizenship, real estate, cryptocurrency and anonymous structures.

How we work

One on One

Our clients work exclusively with Mr Gute and Mr Boubaous throughout the entire process. Online and in Burj Khalifa.

VIP Service

We create a plan and execute immediately on it without waisting your time.


We don’t offer you a part of the solution. We guarantee that your citizenship, your company, your investment work in synergy towards one Goal – Your wealth protection!