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Meet Samuel Boubaous

our CEO & Visionary

Samuel Boubaous grew up in a small village in Germany.

He has build 8-figure companies in the US, UK, Middle East and a worldwide Real Estate Portfolio.

During this process he went through all the services Wealth Consulting provides and travelled to more than 100 countries to build an Elite Network. His Network ranges from governments, to top lawyers, to private bank owners, to real estate developers and more.

Meet Enes Kiymaz


Enes Kiymaz is a 9-figure entrepreneur with Businesses in the Supplement and Manufacturing Industry.

He is an expert in building and exiting companies.

Meet Maximilian Paschall


Maximilian Paschall manages multiple nine figures of Ad Budget for our clients to grow their business.

He is an expert in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, writing effective sales copies and conveying marketing messages in an effective way.

Meet Mr Gute


Mr Gute has exclusive market insights and manages our most luxurious Real Estate listings in Dubai, Riyadh, Istanbul, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok and Miami.

Meet Hani Badro


Hani is a highly capeable individual with exceptional organisational skills, he has worked with reputable organisations in the UAE. Hani expertise span across all government departments, and he’s adept at providing top notch services while completing all tasks with precision.

Meet Murat Sahin

OUR SALES representative

Murat has significant experience in our industry, Murat is highly proficient at solving tough business challenges and developing innovative solutions. As a consultant specializing in company setup in Dubai, Murat is dedicated to achieving genuine results and helping clients reach their goals.

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