Wealth Consulting

About Us

Meet Samuel Boubaous

our CEO & Visionary

Samuel Boubaous is a serial online entrepreneur and went through all the processes and services Wealth Consulting provides.

He has build 5 tax-free companies around the world and travelled +100 countries to find the best investment opportunities.

Samuel’s background is Morocco and Italy. He was born and raised in Germany.

Meet Maximilian Paschall

Our Customer Acquisition Expert

Maximilian Paschall started his journey Building an Online Marketing Agency serving over 400 happy customers.

With his Agency he managed multiple six figues of AD Budget for himself and his clients to grow their businesses.
Hes expertise ranges from Google, Facebook, Youtube and all other major Traffic Plattforms…

To generate more Leads and Sales online you not only have to know exactly how to run Ads the right way, you also have to understand how to convay a marketing message in an effective and convincing way.

Maximilian is an expert in writing effective sales copy and convincing other People via Social Media